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President and CEO

Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce
Job Description
 The position of President and CEO of the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce opened to applicants on March 6, 2019.
All interested and qualified applicants must submit a letter of interest and resume electronically no later than March 21, 2019 to Ms. Crystal Molen at   - No phone calls please.

A Community Input meeting will be held on Thursday, March 21st from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Northwest Assistance Ministries Harrell Opportunity Center, 2nd floor,  15702 Bammel Village Drive, Houston 77014. All are invited to attend to provide information on what they seek in the next president of the Chamber.

There is an online survey of the public accessible at:

March 27, 2019 - Candidate Interviews for those invited to personal interviews - 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM at Molen and Associates.
The position description follows:
Reports to    Chairman of the Board and the Board of Directors
Scope            The Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation dedicated to the pro-business interests in the Northwest Houston area.  The President is responsible to the Board of Directors for the full range of activities – execution of the strategic plan; developing the organizational structure and employee procedures; recruiting, retention and motivating of volunteers; revenues and expenditures; employment, training and supervision of staff; interpretation of policy; maintenance of physical offices; long-range planning; and maintaining the organization’s most advantageous public image and ensuring all business is conducted in a manner which will guarantee the solvency, effectiveness, and success of the Chamber.
Functions     Strategic Plan/Program of Work – The President is responsible for working with the Board of Directors in the identification of Chamber and community needs and for the development of a strategic plan and the annual program of work. This involves a constant evaluation of the programs, with recommendations for change as needed, and a system of measuring progress toward attainment of program and community goals.
Chamber Structure and Procedures – The President must pay attention to the internal structure of the Chamber to ensure that the organization is effectively structured to function with maximum efficiency in the anticipation, identification, and solution of Chamber/community problems. 
Motivation of Volunteers – Key to the effectiveness of the Chamber is the ability of the President to recruit, motivate and inspire volunteers to creative and fruitful action, promoting a team effort and shared success mentality.
Income and Expenses – Through the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee, the President is responsible for developing the Chamber budget and relating budget to program goals.  He/She has primary responsibility for all fundraising activities and to oversee solicitation for all for event/activity sponsorships.  As approved by the Board, the President is responsible for all expenditures within the framework of the budget.  He/She will be responsible for the preparation of monthly financial statements of income and expenses and any other financial reports deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.  He/She will seek maximum staff efficiency and security in all financial procedures.
Employees– Within the parameters of the approved budget, the President is responsible for the employment of all staff personnel, the assignment of their duties, and the supervision and evaluation of their work. He/She will develop and conduct continuing on-the-job training programs and will ensure participation in professional conferences, seminars, and institutes as are needed to develop staff for their current and future responsibilities.  The President must create working conditions that are conducive to maximum performance and a positive employee morale.  He/She will delegate staff duties and participate in scheduling staff resources to ensure adequate representation at Chamber events and services.
Interpretation of Policy - The President will ensure that Chamber policy, as established by the Board, is properly documented and executed.  He/She will assist the Board, committees, members, and staff in interpretation of policy in relation to any given question or program.  He/She will also assist the Board of Directors in preparation of statements of Chamber position on public issues as established by the Board.
Office and Administration – As approved by the Board, the President is responsible for the location, design, and maintenance of offices that will provide for an efficient operation and present an attractive “front door” for the use of Chamber members, the community, and visitors.
The President is also responsible to see that the proper tax filings, records retention and other processes are executed to maintain safety, risk management, legal compliance and recordkeeping order or the organization. The President will be focused on increasing efficiency with the use of electronic tools to minimize the use of resources to perform office tasks, e.g. automatic check payments, auto-filing, etc.
Board Development - The President must actively work to identify Board leadership and opportunities for the Board to develop as a functioning leadership team. Although the President serves as a non-voting member, He/She is a Board member with a voice, that represents the organization for all contracts, making recommendations to the Board either on behalf of committees, councils and task forces or as an individual, speaking to the media, etc. The President is responsible for drafting the Board agenda, maintaining Board minutes and records, carrying out plans and programs of the Board in accordance with established policies, initiating programs for consideration by the Board, and advising the Board on all matters under consideration, or any new matter that would be of importance to the Chamber.
Community & Media Relations - Through personal contacts with key community leaders, the President helps shape the community.  He/She is frequently called upon to relate Chamber activities to the activities of all other groups in improvements of the commercial, industrial, and civic life of the community.  The President represents the Chamber in meetings of local, state, and national organizations.  He/She must constantly strive to develop a better public understanding of the purpose and functions of the organization.
The President should have a good understanding of communication and be able to manage news releases, public statements, newsletters, directory and other communication vehicles for members and the general public.  He/She shall engage in proactively promoting and advertising a positive image for the Chamber.
Performance/ Behavioral
ACCCOUNTABLE – Able to assume responsibility for personal actions and decisions, and of those for which he/she oversees. Will truthfully defend and explain actions for better or worse, accept directives and reprimands with dignity and professionalism.
CUSTOMER-FOCUSED -The individual demonstrates the ability and interest in being responsive to customers, both internal and external customers. He/she is able to develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with others. He/she practices active listening and is able to respond appropriately.
            TEAM ORIENTED – The ability to be respectful of the contributions of others assigned to duties on behalf of the organization. Respects and adheres to hierarchy and chains-of-command. Can methodically and strategically lead a team when the occasion arises and conversely follow when asked or directed to serve. 
            SELF-AWARE - Self-awareness is one’s ability to know and understand one’s own feelings, character, motives, strengths, weaknesses and emotions. It allows one to better understand others, to be more transparent and approachable, to be more of a team member in a collaborative culture.
              PERCEPTIVE – Demonstrate an innate ability to correctly assess matters of business for which a situation poses an opportunity or threat to the organization, its customers and persons within, in order to capitalize or mitigate.  To be constantly vigilant, informed and curious about all matters which impact the organization, and to be able to act based on experience and fact and not be deluded by inuendo and inference.
              FRIENDLY – To consistently and genuinely engage, colleagues, customers, and members of the public in a manner which is inviting and pleasurable for all those affected. To be able to demonstrate the appropriate behavior at the appropriate time which allows the recipient to feel validated, included, heard and respected.
              ORGANIZED / ORDERLY - The Chamber executive is ultimately responsible for the planning and execution of the Strategic Plan for the organization, requiring a high level of organization skills. This requires an ability to prioritize and hold oneself and others accountable for pre-agreed activities and outcomes.


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